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SUZUKI Alto Mini

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    • 09/08/22 $32,49

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Car description

  • The Suzuki Alto is a city car of the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki manufactured since 1979
  • Produced in India
  • In Japan, the Alto badge was originally meant to be for the commercial use version of the Fronte passenger car. When introduced, the Alto was only available as a two-door “light van” and with bare-bones equipment. However, Suzuki generally did not use the “Fronte” badge in export, usually calling all versions “Alto” abroad. Most early export Altos were thus technically speaking rebadged Suzuki Frontes. These were exported with changes such as enlarged engines, sometimes modified bodywork. Thus the Japanese SS40 Fronte became the SS80 Alto with a 796 cc engine abroad. The Alto badge gradually took over in Japan as well, as the distinction between kei commercial vehicles and passenger cars was diminished in early 1989. The Fronte line was retired in March 1989. The Alto plate has been used on export versions of various Indian-built derivatives since the early 1990s, as neither cars are restricted by the kei rules and Indian cars are also considerably cheaper than Japanese-built ones.

Length: 3,495 mm (137.6 in)
Width: 1,475 mm (58.1 in)
Height: 1,460 mm (57.5 in)
Curb weight: 670 kg (1,477 lb)

Car Features

  • 4-5 doors
  • Manual
  • Up to 4 Passengers

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  • Climate Control
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